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About us

DeColores Ministries Inc. of Southwest Michigan is a lay-led ministry that focuses on raising up leaders in the church. DeColores means "of colors" in Spanish and is meant to reflect the many colors of Christ. DeColores was born in the spirit of interfaith communion of the Love Feast, the Agape. "DeColores" basically means a person who is living in grace, seeing the world and its variety and beauty as all coming from God. DeColores is a retreat, a movement, and most important, a method of spiritual renewal. Our movement is rich in history and tradition.

We are comprised of members from various Christian denominations for the purpose of fulfilling our mission. We conduct several spiritual retreat weekends each year in order to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. DeColores weekends are held at various churches throughout the year and are available through sponsorship to anyone who is seeking a life-changing experience and desires to grow closer to Christ Jesus. You can view more information about upcoming events on the weekends page.


Donations can be made online.  You may also send to P.O. 225, Niles MI, 49120.

2023 secretariat board:
Simeon and Rebekah Paulson

President Couple

Chris and Sheila Winkelmann

Vice President Couple 

Dennis & Judy Lynn O'neill

Past President Couple 

Board Members

  • Spiritual Director: Jodi Feitz

  • Secretary:  Deb Traversa

  • Treasurer:  Leigh Bishop

  • Pre-DeColores (Registration):  Lea Weddington 

  • In DeColores (Trailer):  Ron & ElAyne Hayden

  • Post DeColores: John Smith/Vern Hochstetler

  • Historian:  Marcia Pedzinski

  • Website Coordinator: OPEN

  • Newsletter Editor:  Cindy Ruminer

  • Palanca Coordinator:  Gwen Hochstetler

  • National Representative:  Tammie Peffley

  • Social Media Coordinator:  Brandi Mayer


Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesdays of the month. We are located at First Church of Christ Christian in Niles MI. Start time is 7 pm.

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