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If you want to work more weekends but haven't been asked then here are some ideas for you. Come to the Ultreya's. Come to the Secretariat Meetings and as many functions as you can and spread the word around that you would like to work a weekend. Hint: the new Rectors and Rectoresses don't know everyone in the community! So if you get your name out there - you'll get asked! You might even give the President Couple a call! Hey - whatever it takes - Rectors and Rectoresses love people who WANT to SERVE and are eager to be a part (and so does Jesus)!

Please be sure to fill out a servant survey and mail it in. If it has been a while since you last filled one out, fill out a new one and send it in. These surveys are used extensively by the Rectors and Rectoress when looking for team members.


If you are interested in more information - please click on the button below, fill out the form and submit it. Someone will get back to you.


1. Sponsor someone! Talk to friends, family, co-workers and give someone the gift that

your sponsor gave you!

2. Attend Holy Hour and Closings.

3. Volunteer for setup and tear-down crews.

4. Volunteer for Kitchen Help on the weekends.

5. Volunteer to pray on 24-Hour Prayer Palanca (click for explanation of Palanca).

6. Pray!

​If you are unsure what to do but would like to do something, call the current Rector or Rectoress or their Co- and ask them what they need. Trust me, they will greatly appreciate it and love you for it!

Every year new people are needed to fill positions on the Secretariat Board. If you'd like to be more involved with SWMI DeColores this is a great way to serve the community and our Lord. One great benefit to being on the Secretariat is that you will be more visible in the community which means you'll get asked to work more weekends!!! Interested? Contact the President Couple or any Secretariat Member.

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